I am an eternal student and always sharing what I am learning in the hope to help others live more mindfully and to encourage them to tap into their higher potential.


I am passionate about living a happy and fulfilled life, enjoying every moment of the journey through good times and challenging times. I am an eternal student always seeking extra learning, growth and new experiences.  I am on a lifelong path to ensuring self-care and compassion for others and I feel compelled to help others carve time and space for themselves through a yoga practice.

I spent my earlier life growing up in the North East of England, moved to London when I was 21 and began working in the corporate fashion world.  A few years later, a move to Hong Kong and a need to find stillness amongst intense city life introduced me to a personal yoga practice.  Having no movement history whatsoever and not being a naturally athletic person, I found yoga deeply challenging both mentally and physically. Despite my own challenges on the mat, I persevered with the practice over the years as I was amazed at the stress release I would experience post class.  Working a very hectic all-consuming schedule in my corporate life created a need for this more than ever.

After 7 years of practicing yoga, I decided to take up a yoga teacher training, part time alongside my full time fashion corporate job, to help me to deepen my practice and channel time and energy working towards another passion. 

Reflecting on my own journey I realised that carving this time and space for myself over the years had been a fundamental part of keeping an element of balance amongst my all-consuming work, and really helped me to take care of not just my physical self, but also my emotional and spiritual self.  As I subconsciously began incorporating elements of my yoga practice “off the mat”, I started to understand the essence of what a true yoga practice really means, and how enriching it is. Living life now is hectic for most.  I have an extended network of people that are on the road to burnout and my passion lies with supporting others with finding an element of balance and to encourage living and thinking more mindfully.  Having foundation training in positive psychology I also like to draw on this aspect to help my students to show themselves compassion and to have a growth mindset in their practice, and generally in life.  I am an eternal student and always sharing what I am learning in the hope to help others live more mindfully and to encourage them to tap into their higher potential.

Now a passionate teacher of creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga, I completed an initial 200hr YTT with Mercedes Ngoh Sieff who has a background in positive psychology.  I also completed a second 200hr YTT with Meghan Currie in Bali, and I am also fortunate enough to have Celest Periera as my mentor in London.


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Cover Classes

The Lodge Space (120 Lower road, London, UK)

Califlow (290 High Street Kensington, London, UK)

MORE yoga (various London locations, UK)

Adidas Studio, 152 Brick Lane, London, UK

JP Morgan Nuffeild Health


Private Classes

I am passionate about helping people find a practice to suit their needs whether it’s a dynamic routine, fully breaking down postures or modifying for an injury.  I would love to help you on your journey and make it a personal experience suited to your specific needs.  This will be a space for you to cultivate what you want to work on, but always with a focus on strengthening and re-enforcing positive psychology concepts throughout the practice, so that you can work on a a mindful and compassionate practice


Corporate Classes

After working in the intense fashion corporate world for 12 years, I know both the physical and mental benefits of having a yoga practice alongside a busy working life. Time is often an issue for employees, therefore I can bring the practice to a workspace to make this more convenient and accessible to people.  This can be in the form of regular classes, wellness days, or workshops tailored to what will be beneficial for your company or individuals.


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I am currently based in London

Love and light,